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Animals Were Trapped After Severe Flooding, Until These Brothers Took Their Boat Out To Save Them

Over 23 inches of rain had caused historic flash flooding for several states, including Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. Not only did this affect people, but it affected animals as well.

Many animals were displaced and were trapped by the high waters. During this time, two brothers in Hernando, Mississippi, decided to band together to help these poor animals.

The Williams brothers took their boat out and helped many animals to safety. On their way across the flooded fields, they saved several mice, ground shrews and rabbits.

They also saved armadillos and opossums who were stranded on bits of land while clinging to whatever they could find to prevent themselves from drowning in the floodwaters.

They lifted the animals into their boat and released them once the water levels began to lower.

Watch these heroic brothers rescuing these helpless critters in the video below. Thank goodness they got to them when they did, or they likely wouldn’t have survived!

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