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Adorable Baby Anteater’s Mom Can’t Care For Her, So She Finds Comfort In A Teddy Bear Instead

A tiny baby anteater, named Beanie, was born at ZSL London Zoo on December 28th, 2016, but unfortunately her mother was unable to care for her. Zookeepers then stepped in to help, and bottle-fed the baby replacement milk every two to three hours and cared for her round-the-clock. But without a mother, they needed to figure out a way to make the baby anteater feel safe and warm.

That’s when they came up with the idea of giving her a teddy bear to act as a surrogate mother until she is big enough to go back into the enclosure with her parents. It was a huge success! The baby loves cuddling up with her new teddy, and she finds a lot of comfort from it. When she isn’t snuggling with her teddy, she is kept in a temperature-controlled incubator.

Although Beanie is very small now, weighing just under three pounds, she will grow to be nearly 100 pounds and seven feet long! She will be bottle-fed until she’s around six months old, but will soon be reunited with her anteater family! Learn more about this little cutie in the video below:


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