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Rescue K-9 Saves 2-Year-Old Found Shivering In Freezing Temperatures

A two-year-old shivering toddler was rescued from a blackberry bush by a K-9 member of the Mountain Wave Search and Rescue team.

Ava, the fearless German Shepherd, saved River Schomaker after a six hour police search to find the missing child.

Credit: Inside Edition

Credit: Inside Edition

Once River was rescued, he was so cold and frightened that he clung to the police officer and used the officer’s coat to keep him warm. It’s unsure of how River ended up in blackberry bushes two blocks from his home, but a police investigation is still ongoing.

However, his mom and dad are forever grateful for the ten-year-old German Shepherd for finding their missing child.

Credit: Inside Edition

Credit: Inside Edition

Ava is heading into retirement in a few weeks, and this wouldn’t be a bad way to ride off into the sunset. What was her reward for the incredible discovery? A tennis ball play session and a gigantic steak!


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