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They Found A Dog Living Under A Shopping Cart And Were Surprised To See What She Was Hiding…

Rescue From The Hart, a dog rescue in Los Angeles, received a call about a stray dog living under a shopping cart. Neighbors had brought the dog food and water, but she was very protective of her space and didn’t want anyone to come near her.

When rescuers arrived, they were finally able to get to the dog. That’s when they realized she wasn’t technically alone…she was pregnant! They earned her trust by giving her treats until she finally allowed them to pick her up. They brought her to the rescue facility where they took care of her and made her comfortable.

A few weeks later, the dog, who they named Bailey, gave birth to five healthy puppies – four girls and one boy! The puppies are all healthy and once they were old enough, they were all adopted! And best of all? Bailey found her forever home as well!

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