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This Bunny Had A Rough Start, But Now He Gets To Live An Amazing Cage-Free Life With His New Human!

This adorable Angora rabbit, named Barnaby, was rescued, and now gets to live an amazing cage-free life with his human in Nashville, Tennessee. He loves lying in the cool breeze on top of air vents, and snacking on his favorite foods, such as lettuce and bananas. The best part is, he gets to go on awesome adventures with his human, while riding along in his backpack. He’s a very lovable and friendly bunny and even comes when you call his name!

The Angora rabbit is a variety of domestic rabbit that has very long, soft wool. They are one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, originating in Ankara, present day Turkey. They are known for their cute ears that stick up on the bottom, yet flop over at the ends.

You can follow Barnaby’s adventures on his Instagram page.

Watch this unique, adorable bunny in the video below. I guarantee he will make your heart melt in just 35 seconds!

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