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His Owner Gave Him Up When He Lost His Eyesight, But This Horse Didn’t Let That Get Him Down

When Buddy the horse needed his owner the most, he was abandoned. As he began to lose his eyesight, his owner claimed they couldn’t take care of him anymore and surrendered the animal. Fortunately, he was able to find a new home at the Catskills Animal Sanctuary. After the pain began to get worse, Buddy underwent surgery to remove his eyes and relieve some of the pain.

After months of rehab, Buddy is beginning to thrive again. Thanks to his new home, the horse proves that you don’t need eyesight to live a fulfilling life.

As you can see in the footage below, Buddy runs and plays just like one of the other horses. You can’t even tell he is completely blind. His best friend turns out to be another blind horse and the duo is inseparable. Check out this heartwarming video from The Dodo!

For more information Buddy’s story and the other animals at the Catskills Animal Sanctuary, visit their website.

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