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He Went Blind And Suffered From Panic Attacks. But Then They Helped Him Realized That He’s Safe Now

Buddy the horse was surrendered by his former family when he began to go blind and they could no longer care for him.

He was taken in by Catskill Animal Sanctuary, but his journey from here would be anything but easy. Buddy began to suffer from sudden and extremely dangerous panic attacks. The unfamiliar places with strange smells and sounds were very scary for Buddy.

Buddy’s eyes were causing him a lot of pain, so since he couldn’t see anyway, the vet staff decided to have them removed. Now he is in way less pain, and after months of training, he is way less nervous and much happier!

Now he roams around his field with his friend Mirage, another blind horse, as well as other horse members of their senior herd. He happily rolls around in the grass, and he quickly learned that these people were here to help him, not hurt him. Watch Buddy in the video below:

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