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Buster Is Saved From A Neglectful Home

Buster is a one-year-old yellow lab that Southern Colorado Animal Rescue (SCAR) saved from a neglectful home. Once on our transport, the former owner texted our driver and said that he might have one quill left in his mouth from the previous week. Once Buster arrived at SCAR, they took him to the vet immediately. With such a swollen mouth, he couldn’t eat or drink. He went under anesthesia and the vet removed over 30 porcupine quills from his mouth, tongue and throat. He would have died if not taken into SCAR’s care.

Once recovered, Buster’s loving and brilliant personality shined. SCAR quickly noticed he learned tasks and loved people and other dogs and had service dog potential. Buster was adopted soon after being evaluated by several trainers, and he will be a licensed physical assistance service dog after completing more training. From death row to a great job!

“We are the only all animal and all volunteer run rescue we know of in Colorado. We only exist on volunteer hours and donations. Without donations of GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank food, we wouldn’t be able to help dogs due to the expenses of feed and our overwhelming, unexpected vet bills.”

– Southern Colorado Animal Rescue

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