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Camilo’s Life Changed For The Better

Camilo is a purebred English Bulldog, originally from Mexico. While in Mexico, he was primarily kept outside by his owners. After moving to Michigan, his owners kept him in the basement while they left for long hours. He received little attention, little training, and was neglected to the point that he had few manners but loved attention when he received it.

Image courtesy of Top Dog Rescue Group

Now Camilo’s life is dramatically different. First and foremost, he is a part of his foster family and receives a lot of attention daily. He also gets to interact with other rescue dogs and loves the company.

“Rescue Bank food donations has made an incredible impact on our organization. It allows us to take on pets like Camilo, or pets that need more veterinary care than most, and be able to afford to keep them long term within the rescue while we work on their specific needs and situation.”

– Top Dog Rescue Group

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