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This Sanctuary Has Hundreds Of Cats, And None Of Them Are Locked In Cages

It’s extremely important to keep shelter animals in mind when you are thinking of getting a new pet. Oftentimes, many cats and dogs are overlooked at shelters. They are sitting there in their kennels day in and day out, awaiting their forever homes. For some, that moment may never come.

While the animals are waiting to be adopted, it’s important to keep them as happy and comfortable as possible. One cat sanctuary called The Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, California, knows exactly what to do to keep their kitties happy. They have hundreds of cats at their sanctuary, but zero cages! They all get to run free, because the sanctuary believes that there’s nothing more depressing than being locked up.

Over 700 adult cats live on the property which could be joined by 300 more kittens. The sanctuary takes amazing care of each and every one of the cats. To help provide for the ongoing care of these cats, consider donating by clicking here.


Learn more about The Cat House on the Kings in the video below:

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