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Neighbor Walks Past “Aggressive” Dog Who Was Chained Up For 10 Years

One man noticed a dog chained up in his neighbor’s yard. Everyday, Jared would spot the dog through the fence. The dog would snarl and growl to scare off the curious neighbor. Despite the dog’s reaction, Jared said he felt bad for the animal as he noticed he received no attention and remained chained to the same place.

One day, Jared decided to test out the dog’s demeanor. He sat by the fence and coaxed the dog towards him. Finally, he had gained the animal’s trust enough to pet him. The dog that had once growled, now enjoyed the scratches and rubs.

However, the dog’s owner came outside and confronted Jared for messing with the animal. The owner explained that the dog was extremely aggressive and had been chained up for about ten years. Despite the owner’s incessant claims that the dog would attack, Jared asked that the owner give him the animal.

“I told her I wasn’t leaving without the dog. I couldn’t adopt him myself, but I just knew that I couldn’t leave him. After a few minutes, she agreed to hand him over,” Jared told Little Things. “She said that the dog would bite me if I went near him, and didn’t want to give him to me. But I insisted that it would be fine, and finally she handed him over.”

Jared quickly realized just how sweet the dog was. He named him Rusty Diamond and their story only gets better from there. Check it out in the video below:

Rusty Diamond from Jared Piper on Vimeo.

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