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A Change Of Course For Charger. From Broken and Bruised To A Charming Pet.

Charger came to Humane Society of Bay County after being brought to an animal control facility in the area. He was badly injured and needed medical attention immediately. Charger had a broken jaw and crushed bones in his face—specifically around his nose and his left eye socket. After examining Charger’s injuries, it seemed that he had experienced some sort of blunt force trauma to his head, likely purposely inflicted.

Although Charger has had a rough start, the outlook for his recovery is good. He will have to undergo a few more surgeries to correct some of the damage to his face and jaw. Charger is now quite the charmer and already has an adopter! Thanks to money saved from donated food from GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program, the Humane Society of Bay County is able to shift funds to provide medical care to injured and sick animals like Charger.

“Rescue Bank has allowed our organization to focus more of our budget on medical costs rather than food costs. This has made it possible for us to rescue more animals from local kill shelters.”

– Humane Society of Bay County

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