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Horse Who Was Drugged And Forced To Run Was Rescued By A Woman Who Needed Him The Most

Like many other Thoroughbred racehorses before him, Charlie’s Quest had been drugged by his owner and forced to run for years, despite having multiple injuries and fractures. Charlie was close to breaking down.

PETA finally began an investigation of thoroughbred trainer Steve Asmussen, and was able to rescue Charlie and find him the perfect home.

Alysoun and Greg adopted many abused animals together while they were married, but one day, Greg unexpectedly passed away. PETA knew that Alysoun would be the perfect fit for Charlie, and she agreed! Charlie is the first animal she’s adopted on her own. She agreed to take him in, in memory of her late husband.

Now Charlie has a forever home and can run only when he wants to. Life got better when ALysoun and Charlie found each other! Watch their heartfelt relationship in the video below:


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