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Two Chihuahuas Fell In Love After Being Rescued. Now They Are Helping Each Other Heal From Abuse

Christine McNeely adopted two Chihuahuas from her rescue organization, HumaneCNY. The two adorable pups, named Lola and Miguel, have been living together for the past year and a half and have become inseparable.

They are extremely close with each other, and they’ve been helping each other heal from the abuse they may have suffered from previous owners. To celebrate their incredibly strong bond, McNeely decided to have a wedding for them in front of their entire town. Lola sported a pretty little tutu while Miguel wore a cute little tuxedo. The wedding took place at her town’s winter carnival, and was a fundraiser to raise money for her shelter.

She wanted to show first-hand how far animals can come when they’re given love, and how quickly they give it right back. These two Chihuahuas are a testament to that, and it’s so heart-warming to see the love they share with each other.

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