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He Went To Deliver A Package, But Wound Up Risking His Life To Save A Kitten

A little cat was stuck on the outside of an apartment building on the third floor for more than two hours. He almost fell several times trying to get through the screen. Thankfully, he was spotted and was soon rescued by a heroic motorcycle courier who was in the area delivering packages.

Before the motorcycle courier came to the rescue, locals tried to get in touch with the owners of the apartment, but to no avail. They called the fire department but they were busy putting out a fire and couldn’t get there yet. Finally, the courier came and saved the day! He climbed all the way up the ladder to the third floor and grabbed the tiny kitten. The ladder was not that secure and could have fallen over, but the courier knew he had to save this poor cat. What a brave man and hero! Watch the rescue in the video below:

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