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Dog Is Miraculously Rescued After Spending 9 Days Trapped Under Rubble

We’ve heard several stories of amazing rescues after the tragic Italian earthquake. This one is no exception!

As people continue to work to rebuild their lives amidst the rubble, one family’s story is especially heartwarming. After the earthquake struck, the family was able to escape their crumbling home. However, their family dog, Romeo was missing. They began searching, but were forced by authorities to evacuate the area for their safety.

After nine days, his owners assumed he had perished in the earthquake. However, what happened next was a pure miracle. The family was able to return to their home. As they walked up to the rubble where their home once stood, they heard a familiar barking.

Romeo was alive! He was trapped under the ruins, but a beam had protected him from getting crushed. Firefighters quickly worked to free the golden retriever and reunite him with his owners.

Romeo was completely unscathed and was extremely happy to be with his family again! Check out the amazing moment that the dog was rescued with this footage from The Mirror.

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