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Injured Dog Found Alone Under Tornado Rubble Can Finally Thank Her Lucky Stars

Tornadoes struck southeastern Louisiana and destroyed homes and businesses, flipped cars and trucks, and left thousands without power. Aside from leaving people without homes, it also left animals without homes as well.

One dog was found amidst tornado rubble, with a severely injured and infected back leg that is thought to have happened before the storm.

A Louisiana SPCA animal officer found her along Chef Menteur Highway in bad shape. She spent four hours in surgery, while a SPCA veterinarian worked to remove her destroyed leg and performed reconstruction on it.

They decided to name the dog Wonder, but that’s exactly what she was: a wonder. It’s unknown how the dog wound up in the rubble alone, but what matters most is that she was found alive.

The dog, who is now named Bear, is doing much better and has even found a forever home!

“We walked by her condo a few times, fell in love with her face and didn’t even notice that she was three-legged at first, until she came really close to the window. And I don’t know, we just fell in love with her then,” Caroline Dela Cruz, the dog’s new owner, told The Advertiser.

Bear is now enjoying her new life in her new home. She even has a kitty sibling now!


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