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She Saw A Stressed Dog Standing Outside of a Drainpipe. When She Got Closer, She Heard The Cries

A woman saw a stray mama dog and walked up to her. When she got closer, she heard cries coming from the nearby drainpipe. It turns out that it was two of the dog’s puppies that were trapped down there. She knew that she couldn’t save them on her own so she sat and cried for someone to help her. Thankfully, the San Francisco de Asis Mercedes shelter in Uruguay came to save the day. A rainstorm was coming, which would wash the pups down the pipes and into the river, so they knew they had to act quickly.

The rescue took two-hours, but the video below shows the final moments of this incredible process. You can see two people pulling a rope…and pulling…and pulling; which makes sense because the pups are 30 feet below. But to much surprise, a human pops out. This awesome woman went into the tunnel and risked her life to save these pups. She gets up and holds out  blue bag. Inside are two tiny adorable muddy puppies! They washed up the pups and reunited them with their brother and mom. They’re so cute. Thank goodness that woman was in the right place at the right time!


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