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Mama Elephant Is Nervous When Her Baby Is Stuck In A Hole, Then A Helicopter Swoops In To Save Him

A mother elephant gets nervous when her little baby gets stuck in a water hole. He’s unable to get out on his own, and his mother can’t help him either. But she stays close to him the entire time to protect him.

As other animals walk nearby, she chased them away to make sure her baby stayed safe until help arrives. Finally, a helicopter came to help get him out. Wildlife officials jumped out of the helicopter and rushed to the calf to free him from the hole.

Thankfully, they were able to roll him out and bring him to safety. The mom was very patient throughout this whole ordeal, and watched from a distance as the humans helped her baby. Once rescued, the baby ran right over to his mom where they exchanged kisses before walking back into the wild.

Thank goodness for these rescuers! Who knows how long this calf would have been stuck there if it weren’t for them! Watch the dramatic rescue in the video below:

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