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Woman And Her Dog Rescued From Sinking Car In Dangerous Louisiana Flood

The state of Louisiana is witnessing devastating flooding in the southeast part of the state. As more than ten inches of rain has fell in the area, there have been a number of emergency rescues as people are fleeing their homes for higher ground. One of these dramatic rescues was caught on video. The footage below shows the rescue of a woman and her small dog after the two became trapped in their sinking car.

The intense moments captured in this video show a sinking red convertible. You can hear the cries of the woman from inside the car, as three men work to rescue her. As one of the men appears from under the water with the woman, she yells about her dog still trapped in the vehicle.

The men then turn their attention to working to locate the dog. As the car is now completely submerged, the men are unsure if they can find the dog. As the owner continues to cry for her missing dog, the unthinkable happens. One of the men finally emerges from the water with the small dog in hand.

This is just one of the adrenaline-packed rescue as the state has reported thousands of rescues across the area.

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