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This Baby Fox Was Stuck In A Drain Pipe. While They Were Rescuing Him, His Mom Never Left His Side

An East Sussex, U.K., resident looked into a drain cover that was out of place and noticed a crying baby fox who was stuck at the bottom of the drain pipe. He called The Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service to come and save the cub.

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They believe the baby fox had fallen in, where a drain cover had been left open. The family left the cover off and thought the mom might be able to retrieve the cub, but by the next morning, it was still down there.

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While they were trying to retrieve the cub from the deep drain, the cub’s mother appeared. However, the mother was not aggressive. It was like she knew they were trying to help, and she just stood by and watched. After 90 minutes of trying to lure the cub out, they realized he could not be reached. It was a waiting game from here on out.

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A few hours later, they were finally able to reach the cub’s tail and lift him out. He was soaking wet and dirty. They dried him off and placed him in a crate near the mother. Moments later, the mom grabbed her baby and ran off.

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If these rescuers didn’t save the fox cub, he certainly would have ended up dying in that drain pipe. Thank God he got a happy ending! Watch the rescue below:


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