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Man And His Girlfriend Find Tiny Kittens Stranded In The Forest While Hiking

Matt Garza thought he was on a normal hike, but he soon discovered it was anything but normal. Garza and his girlfriend were just entering the woods for a hike when the tiny animals began to run towards them. It was obvious these weren’t feral kittens, but kittens abandoned by their owner.

They knew they couldn’t leave these animals here to fend for themselves. “We can’t leave them here!” exclaims his girlfriend. So, they did what any animal lover would do. They bundled up the four kittens and gave them a second chance at life. The kittens were incredibly grateful.

Garza took the kittens home to give them baths and clean them up to find their forever home. He later told the media that he had no idea that he would of been so open to bringing four kittens into his home!

Check out this footage from The Dodo that show the moment they were introduced to these surprise kittens:

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