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A Sick Puppy Was Rescued From A High-Kill Shelter, All He Wanted Was To Spread His Love With Kisses

A sick puppy named Jordan was rescued from a shelter and brought to Vet Ranch to be taken care of. He was suffering from demodectic mange and a bad cough that needed to be treated as soon as possible.

Thankfully, Jordan had a foster to stay with while he was recovering. After a couple of weeks, the mange was disappearing and his hair was finally starting to grow back in. Eventually, his hair was completely grown in, and he even got an adorable little sweater to wear!

The best part is, he found a forever home!

It’s unknown where this pup spent the beginning of his life, but it’s very likely that it was alone on the streets. Despite everything he had been through, he was such a sweet pup. All he wanted was to spread his love by giving lots of kisses. He never stopped wagging his tail, or lost a positive spirit.


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