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Kitten Rescued By Firefighter After Getting Stuck In A Fence Is Now Looking For A Forever Home

The Sacramento Fire Department responds to several animal rescue calls every week. No matter if the job is big or small, the emergency responders always come through. One of their most recent calls involved a curious kitten who had found himself in a precarious situation.

Little Things reports that a Sacramento firefighter discovered a tiny white kitten stuck between the planks of a wooden fence. With its hind legs stuck between the wood, the kitten was left hanging high up on the tall fence. Firefighters were left scratching their head on how the tiny animal was even able to get that high up on the fence to begin with. Despite their questions, they quickly worked to free the frightened animal.

Once released from his strange predicament, the baby cat was taken to a local animal shelter to be placed for adoption. As this cat searches for a forever home, we can only hope he stays aways from any fences.

Check out this video from Little Things that shows the adorable rescue!

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