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Kitten Stranded In Middle Of Highway Avoids Being Run Over 13 Times Before He’s Finally Rescued

A tiny kitten fell out of the window of a speeding SUV and was left stranded in the middle of a Russian highway. The kitten was nearly run over thirteen times before a driver came to the rescue. The kitten laid helpless in the middle of the road for at least four minutes while passersby swerved in and out to avoid hitting the tiny animal.

The rescuer, Denis Degtyarev, hopped out of his car and ran into the road to rescue to frightened feline. He picked him up by his scruff and took him inside his car. “When I touched him, he opened his eyes. As it turned out, he was so tiny he could not even feed himself,” Degtyarev told DailyMail.

Thankfully, the kitten was not injured and has found a loving furever family. He is doing very well!

Watch the heroic rescue below:

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