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A Baby Lamb Was Stranded On A Mountain. When She Saw Her Rescuer, She Ran Right Toward Him!

Ricky Lightfoot was out on a run on Great Gable in the Lake District, United Kingdom, when he heard a lamb crying from the bottom of the mountain.

He overcame precarious terrain the rescue the adorable baby lamb. As soon as the lamb saw Lightfoot, she ran right toward him. It’s like she was relieved to finally be rescued. It’s unknown how long she had been stuck there for, but she wouldn’t have survived alone much longer.

She was definitely scared after being stuck there, and followed Lightfoot to safety. He lifted her up over rocks and hills that were too hard for her to climb over herself. Once they got to safety, the lamb found a flock of sheep and reunited with her family. Hopefully that never happens to that poor little lamb ever again, but thankfully Lightfoot was there to save her.

Watch the daring rescue in the video below:


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