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Dog With Disabilities Was Being Sold On Craigslist, But ‘Posh Pets’ Came To The Rescue

Lexi, a three-year-old Pekingese/Maltese mix, was born with a rare condition that causes underdeveloped bones and shortened front limbs. She was sadly listed as “free” on Craigslist by her previous owners who were not prepared to care for a dog with disabilities. Thankfully, a Posh Pets Rescue volunteer was checking the site, as they often do for vulnerable dogs, and came across Lexi’s posting.


This sweet girl was then taken into Posh Pets, in New York, and finally given the care she needed. She was also fit with a brand new wheelchair to help her get around with ease. It helped her energetic personality shine!


Thanks to the support through donated food from Rescue Bank, Posh Pets is able to provide for animals like Lexi who require a little extra help! They can continue to rescue many animals of all sizes, ages and disabilities, without having to worry about additional costs of quality food. The generous donations have even helped them to undertake a second shelter in Long Beach, NY, allowing them to save even more animals!

Next month, we’ll be heading to Oklahoma City, and you won’t believe the story that comes with it!

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