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Lifeline Animal Project Shelter Helps Save Pets

“It is not often that we get to come to a brand new shelter that has just opened a few weeks before our renovations or additions. This was quite the treat! We tried our best to tiptoe around the new floors and freshly painted walls of the LifeLine Animal Project shelter.

“LifeLine Animal Project is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, GA. This organization is working to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in metro Atlanta shelters. It is the managing organization of Fulton County Animal Services and the DeKalb County Animal Services shelter. While this specific shelter is new, LifeLine Animal Project is not. They were founded in 2002 and have worked to assess the needs of Atlanta’s animal welfare community and provide innovative, strategic resources in support of its mission to end shelter euthanasia of homeless animals. Rescue Rebuild tries to match passion, goals, and ambitions to our own… and the mission of LifeLine Animal Project does just that.

LifeLine Animal Project – Atlanta, GA

“This build was sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, which is a research-driven pharmaceutical company whose goal is to improve the health and quality of life of humans and animals. If it weren’t for the daily BI volunteers, we would not have been able to complete all of our projects in the time that we did! The volunteers also brought sunshine and warm temperatures. Our working days started outside with the dogs, and then we worked our way indoors to the cats. All of our days ended with sore muscles and tired bodies.

LifeLine Animal Project – Atlanta, GA

“The first few days, the volunteers had no idea what they had gotten themselves in to. Ninety tons of pea gravel, yes you read that right, was delivered in a massive mound outside of the play yards. Our job was to move the gravel to all five of the yards and then spread it evenly. This took many hours and many rakes. But alas, we got the job done! Volunteers put up sun sails to provide the dogs shade options when outside, as the Georgia sun is quite strong. The pups were happy to finally have play yards to romp around and chase tennis balls.

LifeLine Animal Project – Atlanta, GA

“Cats were up next! The team was able to prep, build, and paint everything outside before having to bring it all indoors to install on the walls and the floors. LifeLine Animal Project had six cat rooms that were ready to be filled with cat enrichment. Cubbies, perches, benches, bridges, scratchers… you name it, and the cats got it! Everything was color-coded to match the paint scheme of the rooms. Now the cats can get time out of their cages to be able to socialize more with both other cats and potential adopters coming in to take a peek.”

LifeLine Animal Project – Atlanta, GA

– The Rescue Rebuild Team

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