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Lil Red Was Burned Severely. RescueBox Helped Him Fully Recover!

“Lil Red lived in a wooded area, behind an office building in Miami. I received a call from someone in one of the offices there that someone had poured acid on Lil Red & he was burned severely on his back. They had paid a trapping company & they were unsuccessful in trapping him. When I went down there, I couldn’t believe my eyes how Lil Red looked. His fur had burned off his back, and he was oozing. He looked horrible. After four hours I trapped him. He needed 80 stitches from his head to his tail. It was a long road to recovery.

Lil Red

His life today has impacted people from around the country that were following him on Facebook hoping he would get trapped & the help he needed. Today Lil Red is gorgeous. He still has the scars as a reminder of the horrible thing someone did to him. He is loved so much and such an amazing cat. He has recovered completely.

GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program has been a god send to me. They have provided healthy food, both dry & wet. They proved me with litter and treats. Without the Rescue Bank, I would only be able to afford the basics for all my cats. They have helped me give my cats treats and food I would not be able to afford normally. I deeply appreciate everything Rescue Bank has provided. It helps me to keep my rescue going and to save more lives every day.” – Angelico Cat Rescue

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