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Dog With Abusive Past Finally Winds Up In The Right Hands. Her Transformation Is Inspiring!

This poor dog, who was a part of an animal cruelty case in San Antonio, wound up at Vet Ranch for some help. She was severely emaciated and missing the majority of her hair.

They fed her and she dove right in; it was probably the first time she’s eaten in God knows how long! They decided to name her Madonna.

A week later, Madonna was wagging her tail and had a positive mindset, but she still had no hair and they were unsure of why since she didn’t have mites or anything that could’ve caused it. On the bright side, she was gaining weight at least.

They did a skin scrape so they could finally get to the bottom of why she was missing all of her hair. Then they gave her a warm bath. It turns out that she had microfilaria, a type of parasite, and she was unfortunately heartworm positive.

A few days later, her hair finally started growing back and she had gained seven pounds since arriving there. Four weeks later, all of her hair was finally back! And she looked like a whole new dog. She is still finishing her treatments, but once she is done, she’ll be available for adoption. Now she has gained 12 pounds in total thus far, and she has a gorgeous, shiny coat! Watch her transformation in the video below:


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