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Initially Known As ‘Maggot Babies’, These Poor Pups Had It Rough. Then, RescueBox Came Into Help!

Over and Out are two small mutts Helping Paws Animal Rescue stated were: “Sadly known to us initially as the maggot babies.” Both of these sweet boys were grossly neglected—to the point where they were so severely matted, their skin was ripping which caused blood to come to the surface of the skin. In turn, flies landed and laid eggs. As the eggs matured, the maggots started eating these dogs alive. It was a horrible sight and a horrible smell.

Maggot Babies 1

They were initially rescued by a smaller group that was unable to pay the medical bills. So, Helping Paws lovingly took on the long, expensive healing process. The cost was much more than expected, but it didn’t matter; these dogs deserved a life of love, just like all good dogs.

Maggot Babies 2

If it wasn’t for the donated high-quality Rescue Bank dog food they receive with the help of RescueBox, Helping Paws would have been in financial trouble during the medical and healing time for Over and Out. Thankfully, the Rescue Bank donations allowed the organization to spend money allotted for food on medical bills.

Want to Help Dogs Like Over and Out? Sign up for RescueBox!

Want to Help Dogs Like Over and Out? Sign up for RescueBox!

The best news? One of the dogs has been adopted and is doing great with his new, loving family. The second boy was heart worm positive, has had his treatment, and is now waiting for his perfect forever home. He will continue to benefit from the loving Helping Paws staff, and the great food from Rescue Bank, during what we hope to be an incredibly short wait.

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