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Dog Ran Away When Startled By Fireworks On Vacation. Her Family Thought They’d Never See Her Again…

A tourist in Los Angeles called Hope For Paws when they saw an injured Mastiff stranded in the L.A. River near Santa Monica. She was hopping around on three legs, holding up her front left one, which was clearly in pain.

Ahead of her, the river opened into the ocean, and in the other direction, the canals ran for hundreds of miles. She never would’ve gotten out on his her own.

Rescuers jumped down to save her. She ran toward them barking, but they were able to catch her with their snare. She was nervous at first, but allowed them to pet her. She was actually very sweet! She laid down while they continued to pet her to gain more of her trust.

Her paw was extremely swollen, so they lifted her up and place her in the crate before pulling her up to safety. The fire department even showed up to assist them.

They immediately brought her to the clinic where she was scanned for a microchip. She had one! It turns out that her name is Tinkerbell and she was all the way from Arizona! They soon discovered that three weeks earlier, Tinkerbell’s family was visiting Los Angeles from Arizona. During the fourth of July fireworks, Tinkerbell got scared, hopped a fence and ran away. They look everywhere for her for days, but to no avail.

They put a cast on Tinkerbell and took care of her. A few days later, she was finally reunited with her family! This story just goes to show how important it is to microchip your dogs!

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