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A Cat Went Blind Due To Pet-Shop Neglect, But A Friend Ensures That Her Struggles Are In The Past

“Honestly, if you could see the pet shops here, it would make your stomach churn,” Shotter told the Dodo.

Shotter initially thought that she wouldn’t be able to put in the amount of time needed to take care of an animal with a disability, so she said no to the idea of adopting Moet. However, the clinic convinced Shotter to, at the very least, meet Moet in person — and so, Shotter agreed.

The rest, they say, is history.

Credit: Emily Shotter

Credit: Emily Shotter

Moet is now 3 years old and has been living with Shotter for nearly two years. Most importantly, she’s living her best, most glamorous and happy feline life.

“She’s a bit of an attention-seeker and solicits endless playtime when she’s awake,” Shotter told the Dodo.

Congratulations to Shotter and Moet! May you both have wonderful lives together!


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