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12 Dogs Rescued From Hoarding Situation

NBS Animal Rescue assisted Warren Animal Control in pulling 12 dogs out of a hoarding situation. Four of these dogs were so emaciated, dehydrated, and anemic that they spent four days at the emergency vet, costing over $3,000 to stabilize. The dogs were infested with fleas and left in the home for two weeks without food or water. Thankfully, all 12 survived.

Photo credits: NBS Animal Rescue

As of today, only two of the six dogs that NBS Animal Rescue took directly into their care are still awaiting forever homes. They are happy, healthy, playful, and clean! The four that were stabilized soonest and were able to be spayed are already loved in their homes and learning what it’s like to be a normal dog and member of a caring family.

Photo credits: NBS Animal Rescue

“Rescue Bank allows us to put money that would normally be spent on food toward critical and emergency care. We take in many dogs that have health issues and/or are seniors that require more than basic shots and getting fixed. We could not provide that extra care if it were not for the help from our partners.” – NBS Animal Rescue

Photo credits: NBS Animal Rescue

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