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Dog Was Dumped In A Lot On A Busy Road. 2 Months Later, His Life Changed For The Better

Several dogs were dumped at an automobile auction lot on the edge of the Florida Everglades in a high traffic area. The dogs were in danger, running around for nearly two months on a busy road.

One of those dogs was Oliver. After living as a stray for months, Oliver was rescued and taken in by Everglades Abandoned Dog Rescue. They took such great care of him and even found him a foster home to live at.

His foster home wound up becoming his forever home! It’s been three years since he’s been adopted, and he’s living the life!

He enjoys his time spent outside, watching squirrels and hanging with geese and ducks. He loves the water park where he plays with other dogs. He has a sister named Priscilla who was also rescued after being abandoned. And he even has a girlfriend named Diva!

Thank goodness Everglades Abandoned Dog Rescue was able to get Oliver off the streets and into a loving home!


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