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This Pig Was Rescued From A Slaughterhouse. Now, She Spends Her Time Painting Masterpieces!

This pig, fittingly named Pigcasso, was rescued from a slaughterhouse last May at just four weeks old, by animal-rights activist Joanne Lefson.

Lefson was trying to find a way to amuse her, so she gave her a football, but she wasn’t interested in it. Then she tried giving a paintbrush, and the rest is history!

Pigcasso took the paintbrush and began painting beautiful pictures with them. Lefson often packs a picnic basket and she pigs out on organic strawberries, guavas and caramel-coated popcorn in between brush strokes.

Lefson says it is hog heaven for her, and wants people to know that she doesn’t force her to paint, she paints when she wants to.

To ensure that customers know they’re buying a genuine Pigcasso masterpiece, she dips her nose in the paint to “sign” her work.

Watch her in action in the video below:

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