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Police Officers Were Driving In A Thunderstorm. They Never Expected To See THIS In The Road…

A deer was trapped on a slippery bridge during a thunderstorm. She was unable to stand up on her own, and was getting extremely nervous when she started slipping everywhere. She began to freak out and kept crashing into the concrete wall which made her collapse.

Luckily, two Kansas City police officers spotted the poor deer and knew they had to help. When they got to her, she was shaking tremendously and had gotten her foot stuck in a drainage hole. Once they got her out, she did not run off. She stayed right next to the officers, like she knew they were there to help. She was extremely exhausted and walked alongside one of the officers. He used his police baton to guide her forward. He brought her to a nearby grassy field, where she eventually ran off. Watch the rescue below:

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