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Neglected Pony’s Hooves Weren’t Trimmed For 10 Years. They Were So Overgrown, He Could Barely Walk

This pony, named Poly, was neglected for over a decade. His hooves hadn’t been trimmed in ten years, so they became so long and overgrown that it hindered his ability to walk, and most likely caused him pain as well.

His owner kept him hidden indoors for all those years before finally deciding to surrender him. But his owner surrendering him was the best thing that could ever happen to Polly. Thankfully, he finally got the help he so desperately needed. Not only were his hooves painstakingly long, but he was also 300 pounds underweight, weighing just 154 pounds.

Once he was surrendered, his rescuers gently cut off his long hooves. He also got groomed with a much-needed haircut. Now Poly is enjoying his new life. A life locked inside is no life for a pony or any large animal like that. Instead of being locked up inside, he is enjoying the sunshine outside, strolling around in the soft grass while he munches away. He can walk normal now and is also gaining weight! On top of all of that, he’s also feeling love for most likely the first time in his life. He’ll never have to worry about being neglected and poorly treated ever again!

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