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Filthy Homeless Poodle Was Found In A Garbage Pit, But His Transformation is Shocking!

This poor homeless poodle was found in a garbage pit in horrible shape. His fur was matted very badly right down to his skin, and he also had some wounds on his body.

An animal lover heard his cries for help and knew they had to save him. He was lying there, weak and starving, feeling hopeless.

Rescuers brought him to safety and immediately began cutting his matted, dirty hair. When the knots are that close to the skin, it can become very painful. Once they shaved his mats off, they bathed him and cleaned him up. He looked like a brand new dog, and probably felt like one too!

Thankfully, despite his poor appearance, he was in good health. Usually stray dogs like this have some sort of disease or infection, but this poodle was in good shape.

He stayed in a foster home, awaiting his forever home. His hair began growing back in very nicely, and he looked so happy. Luckily, he was finally adopted by a woman who will give him all the love in the world. He loves his new human and is so appreciative of her. He’ll now live the best life ever, and will never have to worry about being left alone on the streets ever again.

His transformation is absolutely incredible and jaw-dropping. See it for yourself in the video below:

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