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They Were Found In Bad Shape, Abandoned On A Mountain. Thankfully Rescuers Got To Them Just In Time

These tiny puppies were found abandoned on a mountain in Athens, Greece, with their mom, a few weeks ago. The mom is a tiny hunting dog who was not in good shape when she was found. She’s exhausted and fearful, but is getting the best possible treatment to help her recover.

The puppies, on the other hand, are all doing great now, and they are as cute as can be! Ezra and his four brothers, who were rescued by Save A Greek Stray, and are already two months old. They are happy and healthy pups and love to play with each other. The way they walk, play, and communicate with each other is definitely aw-worthy.

For now they will continue to live at the shelter with their mom until they grow bigger and stronger. Then they will be in search of their forever homes! Whomever ends up with these adorable pups will be one lucky person! My heart melts just watching them in the video below.

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