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Shelters Let Families Bring Dogs Home For Thanksgiving So They Won’t Have To Spend It Alone

“If a family comes in that’s going to have a big dinner at their house and small children, we know dogs that would fit in very nicely – young and playful,” Julie Baker, HCHS’ assistant manager, told ABC News. “Spot, a 9-month-old beagle-lab mix, he’ll wear out the kids while mom is cooking a Thanksgiving feast.”

If a couple is spending Thanksgiving alone, Baker recommends they take home an older dog like Mr. Grumpy, an 8-year-old schnauzer. Out of the 80 cats, Baker says there are five who are outgoing enough to participate. Their goal is to have all 65 animals going home with families for Thanksgiving, and hopefully adopted!



They promoted their home for the holidays program on their Facebook, and have already sent 15 dogs to homes in the area! Just like RACC, HCHS will also send food home with each dog or cat.

“It’s not just going hoem for the holidays, it’s rehabilitation,” Baker told ABC News. “These dogs can learn what the no-nos are, what’s expected. We really don’t want them alone for the holidays. What we really hope for is that the families fall in love with the dog [or cat] and end up adopting.”

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