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She Was Found Alone In A Parking Lot. She May Be Tiny, But She’ll Steal A Big Piece Of Your Heart!

A Good Samaritan found a two-pound puppy curled up next to a dumpster in a parking lot. The person immediately called the MHS rescue hotline for help. Once the rescue drive arrived at the scene, they tried to calm the shy and frightened pup. They brought her to the Detroit Center for Animal Care to be examined. She got vaccinations but other than that, thankfully she was in relatively good health.

Despite her clean bill of health, it was suggested that she stay in a foster home while she put on some more weight.

Squidget is proof that strength is not measured by size or muscle mass. It is measured by will and courage. She may be little, but boy, does she have a BIG heart and a HUGE amount of fight in her. And to top it all off, she’s ADORABLE! How can you not love that little face?!

High Paw, Squidget! HIGH PAW!!!


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