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Monkey Family Was Stolen From Their Home. Now, They’re Finally Reunited And Back Where They Belong

Three tiny marmoset monkeys – 10-year-old Gomez. 10-month-old Sophia, and a 4-week-old that hasn’t been named yet – were stolen from Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.

Two men in their twenties were reportedly arrested on charges relating to the theft after their car was found nearly 20 miles from the zoo with the baby marmoset inside. It’s believed the men had broken into the zoo overnight.

Sophia was found later that night and turned over to the zoo. She was in ok condition, but was hungry and scared. The next day, Gomez, the monkeys’ father, was found in a box on a veterinarian’s doorstep.

The tree monkeys were eventually reunited back in their home. They immediately began bonding with each other and enjoying their favorite treats together. The whole pygmy marmoset family was shaken up by their disappearance, but they’re all finally starting to settle back in.

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