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Found On The Streets, She Was Severely Matted And Had A Parasitic Disease. After Some TLC, WOW!

This pup, named Malu, was found wandering the streets of Athens, Greece, all alone. It’s unknown how she ended up there, but her appearance showed that she had been out there for quite some time. Her hair was horribly matted, her nails were overgrown, and she had wounds all over her body.

Save A Greek Stray rescued her off the streets and brought her to their shelter, where she is being treated for leishmaniasis and ehrichia, parasite and bacterial diseases. Aside from being treated for her illnesses, she also got to have a doggy makeover! They shaved off her mats, bathed her and groomed her. She now looks like a completely different dog! Once she is healthy, she will be put up for adoption; and I don’t think it’ll take long before she finds a furever home, because just look at that adorable face!


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