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This Pit Bull Was Living Alone In A Desolate Lot. When He Places The Leash On Her, Everything Changes

The Contreras family found a Pit bull living all alone in an empty lot. They built her a little shelter and gave her some food while they called Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, to come and help. Volunteers came immediately to rescue this sweet girl, who they later named Mandi.

When they arrived, they secured the fence to make sure she wouldn’t be able to escape. The volunteers tried talking to her to keep her calm, but once she saw that there was no way out, she ran into her shelter to hide. They slowly made their way toward her and eventually got the leash around her. She allowed them to pet her, and they soon realized how sweet she was! She was treated for a few days at the hospital and then went to a foster home. To adopt Mandi, you can contact them here.


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