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Covered In Tar And Stuck To The Ground, Things Looked Bleak– Until These Angels Swooped In.

This poor pup had fallen into a pool of hot tar, which of course drenched his fur. He was found stuck to the ground, unable to move. The tar was all over his body and had become rock-solid. Thankfully, the rescuers at India’s Animal Aid Unlimited were able to get this dog back to his normal self!

Of course a bath wouldn’t have helped because putting water on tar does nothing, except for probably make it worse. So the team of rescuers used vegetable oil and massaged it into the thick layer of tar in his hard fur for three hours! He stayed very still the entire time and cooperated great! He was probably so happy to get this painful stuff off of his body. It’s a miracle that he even survived this! After they got it off and bathed him, he looked like a brand new dog! Thank God he was saved!

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