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Rescue Tigers Are Given A Pool Of Bubbles. When They First See It, Their Reaction Is Priceless!

These two tigers, who reside at Bridgeport, Texas’ Care Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to education, research, rescue and long-term care for previously abused and abandoned exotic animals, had the time of their life when they got a fun bubble bath!

Volunteers at the rescue center put no-tears baby bubble bath in a water-filled stock tank and let the two tigers, Boomer and Slade, loose into their enclosure. The tigers did not even hesitate to get right into the tub and roll around in the bubbles. They absolutely love it and are having a blast!

To know that these tigers have come from rough pasts is heartbreaking, but it’s such a great thing to see them so happy and enjoying their new life at Care Rescue! They never have to worry about abuse or abandonment ever again. They’re now safe and will receive all the love and care in the world. And also endless bubble baths!

Watch them play in the bubble bath in the video below:


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