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Tiger Cubs Were Abandoned By Their Mother After Birth. Now They’re Being Raised By An Unusual Mom!

These adorable tiger cubs were abandoned by their mother soon after their birth at a zoo in Stukenbrock, Germany. One of the cubs was born in critical condition, so cold that her snout was blue, and had to be nursed back to health.

The one-month-old cubs, named Peach and Pearl, are now being hand-raised by staff, and have an unusual surrogate mother: Leon, a six-year-old pointer mix. He has been doing an amazing job helping to bring up the twin cubs.

Leon’s owner, Jeannette Wurms, describes Leon’s role as ‘surrogate mother, educator, and entertainer.’ Wurms, a zookeeper at Safari Stukenbrock, warns that while she and Leon have reared tiger cubs before, tigers are not meant to be pets and are animals of prey.

Watch Leon work his magic as a paw-some surrogate mother to these adorable tiger cubs in the video below:

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