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Born With Deformed Paws, He Hops Like A Kangaroo. Now, He’s Finally Getting What He’s Waited For

Tigger the dog has never been able to walk well on all four legs. He was born with deformed front paws, and his legs are several inches shorter in the front than his hind legs. Despite his disability, he was able to get around by jumping like a kangaroo; but it’s very uncomfortable for Tigger and could put a strain on his muscles.

Thankfully, he is now getting the help that he’s been waiting for. Donations from all over the world have helped make Tigger’s paw reconstruction possible. He has just had surgery to correct one of the two front paws, and will wear a cast on it until it heals. He has a long road ahead, but it’s the start to a whole new life for him. One where he’s able to walk like a normal pup!

The most amazing part is, despite his hardships, Tigger is always smiling and wagging his tail! I think we can all learn something from this amazing pup! Watch him in the video below:

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