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Voodoo Lived A Life Chained Outside 24/7. Then, Angels Came To Set Him Free.

Before being saved, Voodoo lived a life chained outside 24/7. His owner couldn’t handle his behavior, so outside he went. Voodoo was left out there, isolated, frustrated and would bite anyone that came within reach of him. He was skinny, missing fur and matted with flies.


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Danny Davis, dog behaviorist, and president of Roughneck Rescue has been working with Voodoo every day on becoming a balanced dog. His fur has grown in and is beautiful. His life is not on a chain any longer, and he now gets daily walks, five fenced-in acres with a pond and loves to play fetch.

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Our mission is to rescue dogs from bad situations and adopt them to new families when possible or provide care for the dogs that will live the rest of their lives in sanctuary. We currently have 18 dogs here. Most of them live in the house with us, not in crates, but in a pack. There are a few that sleep in the kennel, but no one is every stuck in a cage for hours and hours. We simply would not be able to do what we do and take care of so many dogs without GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program, RescueBox and the amazing donations of food that we receive. We are extremely thankful for the assistance.”

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